Sunday, October 27, 2013

Getting your invention into the retail store

So you made an invention, created a prototype, and ready to go into manufacturing...
Now you need to establish a relationship with buyers in retail stores and distributors.
Look no further, we have all the connections you need to get your products to the biggest retail stores world wide.
Contact us about out distribution assistance for new products.

10 steps to get a new invention out

1.Patent search - us and worldwide. Verify what is out there, so you could see how to avoid similar mistakes
Market research and analysis- see who's your competition their technologies, materials, where they sell, for how much.
2.Ideation- explore various ways that your concept could work, try to see what additional features and benefits would you be able to provide to its consumer
3.Concept development - take those ideas and transform them into sketches, rough mockups using off the shelf parts ect'
4.3D computer models - use the latest technologies of CAD systems to provide all the details of your invention.
5.Prototype - create a prototype using a 3D printer to print out your concept, or use CNC machines, metal shop ect'
6.patents - apply for a provisional patent application, to give yourself a patent pending status for 12 months, and establish the priority date in the patent office. Use those 12 months to explore manufacturing options, investors, or potential companies to license your idea to. Later you can apply for a non provisional patent - utility patent or a design patent.
7.Business plan - prepare a business plan or an executive summary with financial planing to raise money from investors.
8.Investors VS Licensing - building your own company, manufacturing and Marketting VS licensing your idea to another company.
9.Crowdfunding vs investors use websites like kickstarter or indigogo to start preselling your product and to avoid the need of investors.
Fundraising - explore angle investor groups or angle investors to start the Manufactring and Marketting your product.
10.Marketting - websites , special magazines, mail catalogs, tradeshows, SEO, social media

Sunday, October 20, 2013

Product design Miami related links

Hi there
We have recently put together a links of related links to many product design Manufactring and prototyping.
We think it would be beneficial to anybody which is looking to invent a new product and wants to know how to invent. The link to the directory links showing here:  <a href=""> Product Design Miami </a> related links. Please let us know if you have any questions on the subject.
Happy inventions everybody :)

Saturday, October 12, 2013

Solar and Bluetooth based inventions

GloberDesign a local industrial design firm located in Miami Florida has recently launched a new product which uses <a href="">Bluetooth technology invention </a>based on solar energy. Inventor Ben Johnson has came out with the idea for Hattrick - baseball hat's wireless accessory. For more information on this awesome invention visit the Hattrick site.

Manufacturing a new product in florida

Globerdesign has recently acquired partnership in a plastic molding and injection molding factory in south florida.
We now have capabilities of Manufactring a new plastic product and new inventions locally at our Miami facility.
So if you are looking to manugacture a new product in Miami, contact Globerdesign today at
Looking forward to hear from you

Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Product design in Miami

Looking for An industrial design firm to help you develop you new invention?
Well GloberDesign company is your best choice when looking for product design in Miami. If you need assistance developing your new product, simply contact them by calling them or simply go online to their product design Miami website on and click on the contact us page.
They will give you a quick quote within 24 hours, if all the product design and development you need. They are looking forward to hear from you about your invention. 

Prototyping inventions in ft. Lauderdale

Almost every person came across an idea for a new product, which they thought is genius, and kept it in their drawer, even though they could have had potential to turn it into a million dollar business.
Well we could help you transform you genius idea or invention into an actual prototype. If you are located in the ft. Lauderdale area in south Florida and you always dreamed of making your invention into a real working prototype, look no further. 
Our proffesional product design and development company could make your idea into a real product within a matter of weeks.
All you need to do is pick up the phone and give us a call at tel: 800 454 0049
We are looking forward to assist you with your new invention :)